The publishing house Kentaur is a trademark of the LLC Promeno. The publishing house operates since 2003.


The name of the publishing house(Centaur) has an implication from the antiquity. There was a respected teacher Chiron in the Greek mythology and he was a centaur - a character with human head and body and horse's hindquarters.

According to the antique belief, a centaur connects in himself human reason, philosophy and creativity and animal's instincts and strength. The centaur means in the language of symbols the eternal search for balance between intellect and instincts. In the Christianity the centaur symbolises a human fighting between the good and the bad.

Intellect and instincts, the good and the bad... The opposition is eternal but without the one it would not be possible to see the shine of the other. The same fight and search for balance is present in a big part of the literature and of the art that has been created from the beginning of times until nowadays.

The centaur can be seen as a creature who can manage both the elements of the earth and of the air. The feet tight on the ground, the head daring the winds, the dashing lance pointed upwards...


Hopefully, there will be moments of comparison by reading our books.

Have pleasant reading experience!

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